A little about me

I love working with people on projects that create a positive impact. As an aspiring product manager, my projects tend to combine my passion for technology and business. It’s these factors that have led me on a journey from competing robots, trying to solve the world’s water crisis, and a lot more in between!

Currently, I’m seeking a 4-month internship for the summer of 2020 but I'm always down to talk otherwise!

Here's my resume.


Here's what I've done so far!

Hack Western Runner Up


Utilized Standard Library’s API to create a parsing API functioning on a custom, locally hosted webpage which parsed through databases to find and clear up pseudo or inactive users and detect data/security leaks.

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Student Mentor

Head of Robot Design

Team 4308: Absolute Robotics

Managed the design process, strategy, subsystems and sub-team coordination and compatibility. Achieved team's best performance to date, World Championship Semifinalists out of 3,647 teams worldwide

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Bronze Medalist

Canada-Wide Science Fair

Created a device which desalinated water and generated electricity by utilizing both surface and deep underwater currents, while releasing no greenhouse gas emissions. Projected generation of up to 1.25 MWh of electricity, enough to power over 2000 rural homes.

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Flight Sergeant

Squadron Deputy Warrant Officer

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Commanded a squadron consisting of six flights and over 200 cadets. Administered the successful completion of all cadet-related activities including training nights, sports competitions, marksmanship competitions, field training exercises and more.

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Campus Coordinator

RaasMotion: Mustang Mastis

Created and represented Western University’s team, the Mustang Mastis, in the first Indian folk Garba dance inter-collegiate competition in Eastern Canada, and placed 2nd out of 6 other universities. Recruited 20 dancer and 2 choreographers, organized weekly meetings and practices, performed with various other clubs at events throughout the year to raise awareness for RaasMotion.

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